Brooklyn Thai

There are worse places to have to wait for the NRMA than Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River.

On a Sunday night, the eating option is limited to the local thai place: Brooklyn Thai.

Mains are generally $15-$20, and entrees are $7-10.

It’s a good sign that on the pathway to the bathroom ‘outhaback, there are pots of chilli plants, Vietnamese mint and spring onions growing.

Our hosts are Soawani and Patrick, and there is an assortment of your standard suburban thai dishes on the menu, including a laksa under the ‘soups’. The surprise here are that roti is available on the dessert menu.

Green curry @ Brooklyn Thai

Green curry ($14.90) is quite mild in spicy flavour, but very creamy from the coconut milk. It comes with strips of bamboo shoots, green beans, snow peas, broccoli and carrot. There is a mix of seafood (+$4) from mussels, prawns, squid and fish. If you want it vegetarian, subtract $2 from the price.

The duck salad ($17.90) comes served in two lettuce leaf cups with a quarter of a BBQ duck. The whole comes together very nicely with carrot, cucumber, eschalots and mint. It provides a nice welcome change in textures and flavour from the green curry.

Duck Salad @ Brooklyn Thai

I am dying to try one of the dessert roti ($5.90), but a crowd has just walked in ordering the same thing and I don’t want to wait. My refuelled car has to hit the road to get me home.

Brooklyn Thai Restaurant
Shop 1/5 Bridge Street (Approximately corner of Brooklyn Road and Bridge Street)

Open 7 days
Lunch 6 days, 1100 – 1500.
Dinner 7 days 1700 – late

Phone (02) 9985-8476


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