Safari Club, Tamworth

When checking into a motel in Tamworth, I asked where in town was a good spot to eat.

“Depends what you want! We have heaps of places. Indian, Thai, South African – I’m going there next month.”

South African? I was intrigued. I know the Gordon/St Ives area in Sydney has a big South African population, but Tamworth?

The place is popular, and it is recommended you book, even on a Monday night. It was actually pretty quiet with only three other tables dining.

Fwd: Safari Club

My heart was set on ribs, but I perused the menu anyway. You can get all manner of exotic game such as spatchcock, emu, venison and crocodile.

Each main comes with a choice of sides: salad, chips or vegetables. All come with onion rings.

I got a half serve of pork ribs ($30), my companion got the half of lamb ($35). We agreed to share.

Safari Club Lamb Ribs

The lamb ribs were almost mutton-like in flavour, with very dense meat. I really think I gave my colleague the raw end of the deal, since we both preferred the pork ribs.

Safari Club Pork Ribs

The pork ribs were delicious. I would go back just for them. So very good. The onion rings were interesting – spirals of onion dipped in an orange coloured tempura-like light batter. They were delicious.

By the end I had a hard choice to make. I had one pork rib, some salad, and some onion rings left. But only two out of three would make it into my stomach. Which would you have chosen?

Bar @ Safari Club

They charge a $20 per head fee for booked no-shows. This is to assist the staff in allocating the correct sized tables and achieve best fit.

The decor is ‘wild’. Heads of various game animals adorn the walls. I remember a zebra skin hide. Half a landrover forms part of bar and service area.

Highly Recommended!

Safari Club & Bar
253 Peel Street, Tamworth 2340

Lunch: 1100-1430
Dinner: 7 days, 6pm – 9pm ish


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