Montpellier Public House, Randwick (Closed)

The downfalls of dithering over my blog posts: by the time I’ve got the post prepared and found the photos, the darn restaurant goes into administration!

Here it is for posterity. I really did enjoy the meal, and wish I had a chance to return.

I remember reading an article recently about information overload. People, when faced with a decision to make, generally will obtain more information to try and make the best decision. However, there is a point at which the brain has too much information, and just shuts down, unable to make a decision. All the lights go out!

That was us, one rainy weekday lunchtime. Confronted with too much choice with the small plate and large plate menu; we decided to go for the set menu. Three people, three choices on the set menu: sold!

1. Lamb sweetbread, Confit Belly, Kiplers & Peas
2. Pickled beets, goats curd, orange and walnuts
3. Suckling Pig Rillette with Cornichorns & toast

Pickled Beets

My fave, and also my first choice was the pickled beets. Mini beetroots, quartered and lightly pickled. The goat’s curd was more like a yoghurt. Tiny orange segments, perfectly peeled of pith were like little jewels. What really made the dish were the little crispy sugared walnuts with a shock of chilli. The different textured and flavours meant I always had a different taste to go for, so I was pretty happy. Yum!

Pork Rillettes

The pork rillettes were a generous serving on a small wooden breadboard. Very porky flavour, with chunks of fat throughout. This came with three dill pickles as a side. If you like pork, this would have been a meal on its own.

Lamb sweetbreads

The lamb sweetbreads was another generous portion. The sweetbreads were crumbed and deep fried, crunchy on the outside, creamy and sweet on the inside. There was a lot of potato, and we had troubling finishing it.
Onwards to the mains!

Three mains

Main no. 1 was ‘Panfried sea mullet with tomato & bread salad’. I loved the salad, it had little caper berries and chunky sourdough bread croutons mixed throughout. The vinegarette was so moreish. Mmmm. The mullet was firm and had crispy skin on top. It had a slightly muddy flavour.

Main no. 2, which was ‘Mushroom and Parmesan risotto’, and it sounded delicious. I have a soft spot for mushrooms. Unfortunately, this dish was one giant salt festival. Was the dish seasoned before the parmesan was added?

Dish No. 3 was Montpellier pork sausages, creamed potatoes & onion gravy.

Mmm. Very rich dish with a big porky flavour. I keep saying that, don’t I? Two big fat sausages on a huge mound of mash that must have butter, cream and all sorts of artery clogging goodness. I knew I could not finish this dish.

After a bit of trouble, we managed to finish the mains.

There was a choice of four desserts.

Three desserts

No. 1 was ‘Elderflower gelato with shortbread biscuits’ (Top left of the photo above). The gelato was very light and delicately flavoured. The shortbread were small and tasty, but the one I took home went stale very quickly.

Dessert choice no. 2 was ‘Orange and plum pudding’ (Top right of the photo above). Noms. The sponge was also very light in texture, and there were curls of candied orange peel. The plum had been stewed, but was still very tart.

Lucky last dessert choice was: ‘Stewed figs with amaretto and vanilla’ (Bottom half of the photo above). There was a lovely little texture crunch of the little vanilla seeds, offset with the larger fig seeds.

Vale’ Balzac, Two Rooms and Montepellier Public House.

Montpellier Public House (closed as of 22 May 2012)
141 Belmore Road Randwick NSW 2031
Telephone 02 9399 9660 Facsimile 02 9399 6929


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  1. Posted by Bianca on June 29, 2012 at 03:12

    RIP. Loved it when it was Balzacs.


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