I needed some pegs. I bought these because they were made of recycled plastic, and I’m a hippy like that.

Look closer.


Made in Britain?

Made in Britain?!?!!!
Why do we need to purchase recycled plastic from Britain? Surely we use and recycle enough plastic in Australia for us to make our own recycled plastic pegs?

The blurb also says: “Hanging out washing to dry is an easy way to reduce energy consumption and save money. Each tumble drier load can release up to 2.6kg in CO2. Ecoforce pegs are made from 93% recycled plastic from a mixture of pre and post consumer waste. This saves oil, energy and product miles used in manufacturing virgin plastic, reducing your carbon footprint. Making recycled plastic uses 70% less energy than making virgin plastic. “

And that’s why you then ship it to the other side of the world.


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