Mamak Village, Glebe (Closed)

Last time I wrote about a restaurant in this location, it lasted barely a year. I guess the ‘in thing’ has shifted from handmade noodles to street hawker food.

There are still no tables downstairs, but they appear to have opened up a back verandah area.

My friend is gluten intolerant, so the only edible sure fire thing was Nasi Lemak ($10 lunch special, $14.90 dinner). This came with a choice of either curry chicken or beef rendang. It was served with acar acar (pickles), crispy anchovies, and a sweet chilli jam. It has been ages since I’ve had a good beef rendang, so we both picked the same dish.

Nasi lemak

I also picked roti canai ($5.00), and squealed with excitement when I saw teh tahrik ($3.50).

All other tables were getting roti in some form or another.

The Nasi Lemak turned up first.

Traditionally it is served with coconut rice. I didn’t pick up any hint of coconut flavour in the rice, but I polished everything off except for the peanuts and the chutney.

Roti Canai

The roti came with two identical looking lentil based sambals, and that sweet chutney. The roti was crispy on top, and flakey, but a little oily underneath.

By the time the Teh Tahrik turned up, I was in trouble. Considering that we were in Glebe to have some proper chai tea, I don’t think I had any space left to accommodate it! It was stewed strong and sweet with bubbles on top from the pouring action.

I hope this restaurant lasts a little longer than the previous incumbant.

Mamak Village, Glebe
25 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037

M-F: 1115-1500, 1730-2145
Open till 10pm Friday & Saturday.
Open all day Saturday & Sunday (no siesta).
Open till 2130 Sunday .

Post-post note: Sadly, Mamak village also lasted less than one year. It closed sometime in 2013.


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