Harvest Monday 16/4/2012

I don’t pay much attention to the garden. I pick what I have when I remember that I’ve got it. I generally plant stuff, forget that I have it, and then the poor produce wilts under the onslaught of aphids or powdery mildew.

Usually I just pick bits of mint, parsley, thyme and rosemary when I need to. You could it a grazing garden.

In any case, I think I ought to document what I have harvested, as and when I do pick the more significant stuff.

So here we go. This week:


1. Eight Random ‘arisen from the compost’ tomatoes. Yes, I know the photo only shows two. Three are still on the vine, two are in the fruit bowl. One got eaten.

2. Two kaffir lime leaves.

3. Stalk of lemongrass, ripped off the plant. This beast is threatening to take over the entire planter box, and doesn’t even taste very lemongrass-like. Is it from a planted stalk, or an offering from the neighbour? I can’t remember.

4. Five vietnamese mint leaves, provided as part of a pho dinner, which I rescued and stuck in water until roots sprouted.

5. Handful of basil leaves from a friend’s garden.

This all got turned into a rather tasty thai green curry.

In other news: Libby has transferred hospitals, had a pacemaker put in two weeks ago, and was extubated (tube-things removed) last week. This is a test to see how well she can do for herself, but there are still thoughts about a heart transplant once she has put on some weight. She is returning to her usual inquisitive self and very much interested in the thermometers, syringes, echo probes and so on that come her way, always keen to have a closer look and maybe help drive.


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