Pickled Eggs

Having had a pink pickled quail egg as part of my bloody maria @ Tio’s Cervezaria (the best part of the cocktail), I decided it was high time I made my own.

I grabbed the recipe from The Cook’s Companion, but I only had ground allspice, not whole, so I substituted mustard seeds and cloves.

20 quail eggs
1 tablespoon black peppercorns
1 tablespoon mustard seeds
2 cloves
375 – 500mL apple cider vinegar
Sterilised Jar

Sterilise your jar by washing it, boiling it and keep it warm in the oven on a low heat.
Hardboil the quail eggs for 6 minutes, then place in cold water.
Once cooled, peel eggs, keeping the eggs intact.
Crush a few of the peppercorns and mustard seeds to release the flavour.
In a separate pan, heat the remaining ingredients to a simmer.
When you’re ready, put the eggs in the sterilised jar and tip over the simmering vinegar.
Seal, wait at least a week.

I used a random glass clip top jar that had been storing some chai tea, and I had bought new rubber seals for. Since the jar is sterilised, I don’t think I need to keep it in the fridge. Already overnight, the eggs in solution have expanded.

Result? Not yet tasted…

Pickled Eggs


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