Achacha, it’s a fruit!

Today, I was given an achacha to try. Of course I had to take a photo.


It has a red/orange/brown skin, but doesn’t really smell of anything. You cut the fruit in half, pull out the big seed, and then eat the inside with a spoon. It was really tasty – kind of like a mangosteen (of which it is a relative). Smells a bit like a longan/lychee, tastes a bit like cross between custard and a pear without the crunchy tannic bits you get in a pear.

The skin contains heaps of beta carotene. If you soak the skin in water for 24 hours you make a achacha drink.

achacha drink

I tried with the ‘shells’ of three achachas eaten for breakfast. It made a slightly sour tasting, brown coloured drink.

Spotted at Harris Farm Markets for $10/kg.


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  1. Awesome! I wonderif they’re still about tho, I just might have missed the boat…


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