Foveaux Restaurant, Surry Hills

I’m not really a fan of those coupon websites, I don’t think that they don’t really build brand loyalty. I have also heard that there is a really heavy handed sales pitch from these coupon companies – after all, they don’t exist if these businesses don’t sign up with them. On the flipside, coupon customers can suffer a little from ‘entitlement’ syndrome feeling that they have already paid for a service and should get the same treatment as the full paying customers.

Despite that, when my sister bought a coupon for Foveaux restaurant – entree and main for $35; how could I refuse? After all, we had been there before, surely we counted as loyal customers?

There were no restrictions on the use of the coupon; pick any entree and main each; drinks, sides and desserts were extra.

You’ll have to excuse my appalling photos. I haven’t yet learned that my phone camera just doesn’t cut it.

Feeling under the weather, I grabbed a citrus zing mocktail ($10), with grapefruit juice, lemon juice and a curl of mandarin peel.

The Amuse bouche was Curried lentil soup with yoghurt, served in a shot glass. There was a lot of cumin in this one, and by contrast, the yoghourt was almost goat-like in flavour.

Entree 1:


Soused Tommy rough, vongole, garbanzo purée, toast, yellow capsicum butter and borage flowers.

Unexpected! The toast was so thin, like having been cut with a mandolin, or a pile of pecorino cheese shavings melted down into a thin crisp.

Entree 2:

Pig Celebration Starter
Pigs head and black pudding terrine, pigs ear crackling, celery radish and apple jelly with red wine smear.

Not sure what I expected, but the mention of ‘bits’ always has me intrigued. Rather than a whole pigs ear, it is sliced thinly, lightly crumbed and fried. I’m not too sure of the terrine, it is hard to puck out discernible bits of black pudding: and what bits of the head were used anyway? It is in the whole, quite rich with refreshing jelly bits and tiny hourglass radishes to break up the flavours.

Main 1:

Wakame wrapped lambs rump

Wakame wrapped lambs rump, green pea and miso purée, squid ink smear – salt and pepper tofu, braised fennel strips.

The ‘wakame’ is white in colour, I’m sure it should be green. I love the salt and pepper silken tofu – if I could make this at home, I would! The purée has an intense pea flavour, and the lamb is tender on the inside. There is a lovely combination of flavours on this dish, so you never get bored.

Main 2:

Smoked beef shin and cheek

Smoked beef shin and cheek, swede puree, celeriac cream, puffed pearl barley, toasted barley jus.

Oh my. Yum. The beef cheek is so tender and fall-apart in texture, and oozing in caramel flavours: I want more! The swede purée is very creamy and rich and adds to the dish’s intensity. I love the little bits of puffed pearl barley, it is like miniature popcorn. Is this the same puffy stuff found in hippy cereal? I need to check at my local hippy store. The overall dish is very rich and intense; it is good I have the refreshing bits from the other main to ‘reset’ my tastebuds when I get overwhelmed. If you have this dish on it’s own, you would definitely need a side to vary it with.

The debate was had about whether to have dessert in-house, or grab gelato elsewhere. We were intrigued by the thought of carrot marmalade, so that settled it.


Ginger sponge

Ginger sponge, carrot marmalade, walnut powder, cream cheese gelato.

Carrot ‘marmalade’ had the texture of the guava jelly I had made earlier in the year, but no curlicues of carrot inside. I guess a lot of added pectin (or agar agar?) to make it set. I really enjoyed the carrot ‘shards’ which seemed to have been soaked in sugar syrup and then dehydrated. The cream cheese gelato …. Reminded us of Philladelphia brand cream cheese. It was not too sweet but did go well with the lightly ginger ginger-cake!

I have noticed that Foveaux put up another discount coupon for sale recently, so perhaps the business model works for them.

Foveaux Bar & Restaurant
65-67 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010
(02) 9211 0664

Tues-Sat: 6pm – late
Thu: 1200 – 1500 for lunch.


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