The Artisan’s Apprentice Bakery (Closed)

I wish I could say that I discovered this place. Unfortunately I looked at the hand painted signs at the front of The Connector Arcade, I even ventured as far as as the shop itself. But then without actually looking at the product, I decided against trying it.

Then about a week later they had a write up in Good Living. Dammit.

The range varies on a daily basis, and you need to turn up after 11am to see the full range for that day. Bread snack products go in and out of fashion – I had a delicious seeded mustard, pumpkin and onion tart once; a few months later, tarts are no longer on the menu because people are longer buying them. I still dream of that mustard tart.

The sourdough is really dense and solid, a meal on its own. You can imagine sitting in a beer hall in King Arthur’s time and carousing with beer in one hand, hunk of bread in the other; or pouring dripping all over to make dinner.

My favourite loaves have been:
– lavender and honey
– marinated mushroom and onion
– dark chocolate and cherry

The last loaf is a celebration loaf, created to celebrate their inclusion in the Sydney Magazine’s top ten sourdough’s list. Yay them!

The picture shows a date and orange peel loaf on the left, caramelised beetroot on the right.

You can also make advance orders for your loaf of choice. Not only that, but they are right near the train station.

The Artisan’s Apprentice Bakery
Shop 9, The Connection Arcade (right up the end)
162-172 Church Street, Parramatta.
0428 924 576.
Mon-Fri: 0600-1800;
Saturday: 0800-1400

Post-post note: Unfortunately, the Artisan’s Apprentice shut for Christmas 2013, and never returned.


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