Tidy up time

Tidy up time by A Sydney Foodie
Tidy up time, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

I have to confess I have neglected my garden of late. The rainbow chard which I planted in winter had bolted to seed. In order to neaten up the garden, I had to cut the trunk with a *saw*. I kid you not. It was the size of a sapling. The lettuce has also bolted – but I am letting it seed so that I have a self propagating garden.

I finally staked my tomato plants. The poor rouge de marmade (an heirloom variety with deep creases) has been affected by fruit fly. My hippy method of trying to attract then drown them in a yeasty marmite mixture failed dismally. I might have to get something stronger.

The corn has also failed. The weather stayed cold when I planted them in Early November. End result: the plants are a stunted 20cm high, and the male/female pollen/threads timing was mismatched and I doubt any kernels developed.

I had a bit of beetroot overload just after I planted them, so I can’t stand the taste of beetroot right now. They’re coming out, and I’m going to try snow peas and carrots in their place.

The snails have decided they liked the taste of my strawberries just before they bloom that deep red colour, and *i* want to eat them. I tried to protect them with plastic bottles, but then they rotted on me. I cleaned up the nibbled ones, and have rearranged the protection.

The gardenia has also had a severe talking to. Shape up, or ye shall be terminated. Stupid thing should be dark green and flowering right now. Instead it has lost all the leaves around its middle, contracted scale from those pesky ants (ATD*?), and looking very leggy, yellow and ill.

Over the course of several months; It has had the seasol/powerfeed foliar treatment (as well as around the roots), plus chicken poo, PLUS trace elements, PLUS Epsom salts, so honestly if it doesn’t behave it’s getting yanked out with extreme prejudice.

* Ant Transmitted Disease


2 responses to this post.

  1. Beetroot coming out? Noo! I’m short of beetroot, and I have about a billion golden nugget pumpkins and apple cucumbers to swap with you…


    • Hi L. Don’t worry, the beetroot hasn’t gone to waste, it was just harvesting time. Someone else will be turning them into pickles (whereas I have far too many pickles from previous seasons).


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