Bling Bling Dumpling Restsurant (closed)

This place got refurbished and changed hands recently – from one chinese noodle/dumpling place to another. So recently that I can smell fresh paint in the bathroom.

It is northern Chinese food – including cumin lamb, cucumber salad, and of course dumpling. One filling I hadn’t seen before – egg and chive.

On a Friday night it is half full of young locals and uni stufents. The six floor staff are rushing around, terribly busy not achieving much and aren’t too good at paying attention to customers. Early teething troubles.

We order:
1. Home style tofu stew ($13.8)
2. Handmade pork and chives dumplings ($9.8)
3. Mushroom and Chinese greens stir-fry ($13.8)

My favourite is the tofu ‘stew’, really a stirfry of fried silken tofu, wood ear fungus, capsicum and Chinese cabbage.

The dumplings, although ordered first, arrive last. There are twelve fat dumplings per serve, with a coarse wheat flour pastry. The filling is very salty.

The mushrooms are fat shittake mushrooms and very juicy, stirfried with garlic and shanghai pak choy. This dish is also very salty.

I might return to try the pancakes (three kinds, $9.80 ea) or the egg and chive dumplings. Salt probably wouldn’t have Bren so noticeable if I had also ordered steamed rice.

Bling Bling dumpling restaurant Shop 5, Unilodge, 185 Broadway, Glebe 2037


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  1. Posted by noodlehead on January 17, 2012 at 04:52

    great !


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