Buy Nothing new month: day 3 comfies

Buy nothing new month

Top: Sydney rock-climbing club t-shirt. Yes, someone is climbing up my chest.

Skirt: rayon thing, purchased in Bangkok’s Chinatown in 2011 when I couldn’t repair the holes in my travelling skirt anymore. It was more hole than skirt.
Imagine a narrow laneway, lined with shops on either side. Then add in market stalls, each set up in front of the existing shops. Do you know the Thais like to shop? So imagine a conga-line *crush* of people, one conga-line going in each direction. If someone stops to browse, the whole conga-line stops. That’s shopping in a Thai Chinatown on a weekend.
I remember that I found this *just* after I had in desperation purchased a pair of harem pants with the intent to chop the bottom off to make it into a skirt. Do you know how hard it is to buy a nice knee length cotton type skirt in Thailand?

Shoes: wild country kayak shoes, purchased from Ray’s Outdoors for the anticipated wet weather in Thailand. I really like these. They slip on easily, no laces to tie, there is a decent sole to the shoe so I can use them walking as well as when kayaking. I don’t think I ever wore them once in Thailand.


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