Buy Nothing New Month: day two failure

Bnnm2011 day 2 and I have already failed.

After a meeting in the city, I really wanted to make my yoga class, but I left my gear at home. I could wear the slip from my dress as a top, but downward dog pose in a dress? I don’t think so. So I bought a pair of shorts in haste from cotton-on. $10 on special, but alas I bought them new.

Buy nothing new month: flowery dress

Dress from Review, summer 2010/11.

In the background we also have: re-usable shopping bag from Trader Joe’s in the USA.

Trader Joe’s is like a huge fruit, vegetable and grocery store which stocks organic goods like it is no big deal, and heaps of homebrand products. But really *nice* homebrand products – soaps, shampoos, food staples; not like the crap el-cheapo homebrand stuff you get in Australia. I heart Trader Joe’s.

The shoes from someone’s Nana, Fitzroy public school weekend market. Originally from Japan.
I just got them, Melbourne trip 2011. Look at them, they’re really cute:

Buy nothing new month: Nana's shoes

They say:“Wano Nano. We’re charmed with it!”


One response to this post.

  1. I adore the shoes. Absolutely gorgeous! What is it with Melbourne and decent second-hand stuff? Do these things exist in Sydney?


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