Loquats, sorted

My first loquat!

I have seen the tree growing around the suburbs, but had no idea what they were. When I saw a tray of these at the market, I had to ask.


You peel the skin off the outside, and pull out the large elliptical shaped seed. Sometimes there is a tough protective layer between the fruit and the seed which you remove.

The taste is like a sour pear/nashi pear cross. My neighbour dips the fruit into sugar before eating, because it is too sour for her! This reminds me of the Indians who dip fresh mango into a salt-chilli powder mix, because the mangoes are too sweet for them.

Something new, everyday.


2 responses to this post.

  1. My guess is its family of the South European Kumquat.. a vitamine C bomb with a beautiful (for some people too) sour flavour


    • Hi! I have done some more investigating. There are two kinds of fruit which match the Maltese name of “Naspli”.

      1. a medlar fruit (Mespilus germanica), the fruit is like a small brown apple, eaten when decayed.

      2. loquat (Eriobotrya japnica), a small reddish fruit of chinese and japanense origin, introduced into southern europe, India, Australia etc.

      I think the one I ate was the latter.

      Here is a piccie of a tree:
      Loquat tree


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