Zushi, Darlinghurst

The main aim of the game was to get gelato next door at Gelato Messina. To prevent unseemly early consumption of the stuff, my friend and I thought that we ought to spend some time at Zushi first.

If you dine between 6-7pm, you can get their signature inside out rolls. This is pretty good: each roll of approximately 9 pieces then costs you approx $7.50. Bargain, eh?

We got:

– Ocean trout
– Lobster
– Soft-shell crab
– Tempura prawn

Zushi, Darlinghurst

And I have to say, our favourites were the first two, and not just because we gobbled them down in great hunger. The lobster one was decorated with a little Japanese mayo and crunchy watercress sprouts. The whole thing was so light and fluffy it wad like eating air.

The ocean trout had a light dusting of chilli sprinkles (tobiko): not overpowering, but it added interest.

The tempura batter on the prawn was light and barely visible.

And yes, there was room enough for one and a half scoops of gelato each. (Hazenulnut and truffle and salted caramel with peanut, if you must know).

Zushi Darlinghurst
239 Victoria St, Darlinghurst 2010
(02) 9357 3533


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