Bowen Island Bakery

This bakery, based in Drummoyne, and not Bowen Island Canada, has been baking organic breads since 1991.

Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard of them until my sister suggested that I visit on my way to Birkenhead Point to possibly wreak some credit card havoc.

Drummoyne is their main HQ, and the place is buzzing on a weekday lunchtime. There’s a lovely selection of breads on offer – I choose a sourdough sour cherry and a sourdough soy and linseed.

The soylin had a nice texture and crispy crust when toasted. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about the sour cherry, except that it wasn’t as dark and fruity as the equivalent from Brasserie Bread.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, there are also some bagged up choices of yesterday’s muffins.

Bowan Island Bakery, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

I’m a bit late for lunch, so I also choose a steak pie. The pastry is crispy and flakey and *amazing*. I would keep buying the pie just for the pie lid, it’s that good. The contents though, while tasty, seem to be quite ‘gluggy’, like a lot of cornflour had been used to thicken it. That was disappointing.

There are also Bowen Island Bakery Cafes at Five Dock and Chatswood.

It is ghostly quiet at Five Dock at 715am, with only one other customer ordering coffee. There isn’t much bread (olive and a white sourdough) on offer, and I’m not sure if it is yesterday’s baking. My flat white is lovely and strong with a good flavour. If you buy takeaway coffee for the whole office, you can buy a reusable coffee mini shopping bag which carries up to six coffees!

On a later occasion, having missed St Malo bakery yet *again*, I wander up to the Crows Nest Thomas Dux, who I am happy to report also stock Bowen Island Bakery bread for a small mark up.

Bowan Island Bakery, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

The 800g Irish Soda bread ($6.98) seems to have a slight cinnamon or five spice smell in the crust, which disappears when toasted. The bread itself is dense, dry and crumbly, almost like it is made of polenta. It reminds me of cake.

The chocolate babka ($2.98 at Thomas Dux, $4 at the store) is so good, I wish I had bought another! It is a sourdough scroll with big choc chips scattered throughout, a little bit of cocoa sugar on top and very moreish.

Bowen Island Bakery
183 Victoria Road, Drummoyne
Mon- Sat: 0700 – 1600
Sun: 0730 – 1600

Bowen Island Bakery cafe
117 Great North Road, Five Dock
Mon-Sat: 0700 – 1600


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