Celeriac Soup with Brussels Sprouts

I know only one way to prepare celeriac for eating: remoulade. Grate your celeriac, add mayo/plain yoghurt, capers and parsley and then eat.

So I was quite excited when I saw this recipe in the daily terror. I took a photo of the recipe when I first saw it in the paper, and this electronic one seems to match up.

Instead of full cream milk which I had forgotten to replenish, I whipped up one litre of skim milk from my emergency powder stash.

I used a packet of no nitrate smoked bacon from Trunkey Bacon as a substitute for the pancetta. I cut the fat off, and saved the rind for future stockmaking shenannigans.

The giant celeriac and brussels Sprouts also came from the castle hill market. 3/4 of the celeriac beast went into the soup, and the rest got turned into remoulade at a later date. Just don’t forget to store the cut celeriac in acidilated water.

And the soup?

Well the end result was very rich and creamy, yet in a plain flavoured way. The celeriac flavour was very subtle.
I substituted pecans for the walnuts, and since they are a denser meatier nut, it worked quite well. I completely forgot to add the celery, so that could have been why it seemed quite plain to me.

I don’t know how any one could use full cream milk, because this one gave me a bit a tummy ache the next day!

The soup kept well – and I had the last bits for lunch over a week later.

This is the first soup I’ve made which I used milk as the cooking broth. If i did make it again, I think I would use less milk, and add it at the end as a white roux to make the creamy flavour. The other variation I might try is cooking it as a variation to the lemon and parsnip soup.


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