Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black by A Sydney Foodie
Meet Joe Black, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

Three weeks gutting and redecoration have brought us ‘Joe Black’.

‘Joe’ also happens to be a nickname for coffee. This is generally that percolated stuff you can get by the gallon in American diners, but never seem to get a caffeine kick out of.

Here, $4 buys you a small coffee festooned with a moustache, or two slices of toast with jam. The bread comes from Haberfield Bakery.

More excitingly, Joe Black offers coffee via syphon for $6, and single origin coffee.

There are a few sandwiches on offer for lunchtime.

Watch this space.

Joe Black
Studio 1, 27 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills (next to the Travelodge Hotel)
Mon-fri 0730-1700

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  1. Post-post note: The chicken avocado sandwich is quite good. I wish they had more options for takeaway.


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