Eleni’s at Civic (closed)

Eleni's at Civic by A Sydney Foodie
Eleni’s at Civic, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

I have been wanting to eat here for a million years ever since it opened.
The bar staff are very warm and friendly, but not much help when it comes to recommending dishes: “Everything is good”. When asked to make up a mocktail, they happily oblige: I end up with something pink and lemony and it is delicious.

The restaurant is full on a Friday lunchtime, so we are seated in the pub area, but have access to the full Eleni’s menu. One of our party is on a budget, so we order to share: vine leaves ($8.50), lamb moussaka ($18, also available as a mixed vegetable version), side salad ($10) and the lamb cutlet special ($15).
I haven’t really had much experience with Greek Food, apart for several banquets at Diethnes down the road. I love the slow cooked lamb there, as well as the rice.

The vine leaves (8) are small and very tasty. The dressing on the salad is very moreish (someone ends up drinking it!). The salad itself comes with large chunks of cucmber, different coloured capsicums and two kinds of olives. The moussaka is topped with a layer of ricotta cheese, which has been browned under the grill. The layers have been achieved with slices of potato, and the dish is warm and filling. The lamb cutlets are tiny, and only one of the three comes on the bone. The meat itself is quite pink, with the sauce very salty because of the olives.

I loved the salad and the moussaka, so next time I will have to try the vegetarian moussaka.

Eleni’s Restaurant at the Civic Hotel
388 Pitt Street (corner Goulburn Street)
Sydney NSW 2000
For reservations over 8 people please call:
02 8080 7013 or 02 8080 7031
Monday to Sunday
From 12pm
Monday to Thursday
From 6pm



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