Yok Yor Thai Food Factory, Haymarket

You would be hard-pressed to find a green curry on this menu. In fact it is there, at the bottom of the list and served with noodles.

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory, Haymarket, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

The staff wear cute little overalls and bright yellow hard hats (factory, geddit?) which match the construction work going on next door.

The decor is mixed with 60s speakers speakers acting as a bench seat, and a variety of retro chairs amongst industrial light fittings. It can get very noisy, especially if there is a large party!

My first and second choices* from the menu are already sold out. Testament to the popularity of this place in ‘thai town’, which has been only open a few days.

So instead, I settle upon Gai hor bai teuy $7.9. This is fried marinated chicken wrapped in pandan leaves. It is served with salad leaves and a sweet-salty dipping sauce. The waiter helpfully tells us not to eat the outside wrapper, which although is edible, is not very pleasant. Like crispy cooked paper (I couldn’t resist). The chicken inside was caramelized but moist. It is also slightly fatty, but then it wouldn’t be as delicious, would it? I couldn’t really taste or smell the pandan.

Drinks @ Yok Yor, Haymarket, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

My pandan juice ($3) however, is delicious! First time I have seen it on a menu, it is a light lime green/yellow in colour and tastes like you are eating those green pandan jelly desserts. It is a little on the sweet side. We have also ordered Gang hung lay ($13.5). This is a slow cooked pork curry from Chiang Rai with five spices, peanut and coconut. It is quite dry, tastes quite sweet, but my palate doesn’t seem to be able to pick up what the five spices are. It is a bit like massaman curry, with chinky pieces of pork that crumbles to touch. It is served with big crunchy curls of pork crackling chips as a garnish.

Pandan wrapped Chicken & som tum @ Yok Yor, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

My test Thai dish used to be som tum, or green papaya salad. I haven’t had it in ages, but I order the simplest version today – plain ($9.50), with only half a chilli. Despite my wussiness with the chilli, the sauce is well balanced hot, salty, sour and sweet, with dried shrimp, roast peanuts and cherry tomatoes scattered throughout. Sticky rice to cool the heat is extra.

I don’t know if the Yok Yor in Chinatown is related to the one of the same name that used to be on Crown Street Surry Hills, but it has an interesting mix of dishes and drinks that I haven’t seen before. I’ll have to come back and try some more items off the menu.

*The dishes that I wanted to try, but were sold out were:

1) Kanom beaung yourn# or Thai crispy pancake with shredded duck and coconut, served with sweet chilli dipping sauce $9.5.

2) Rice parcels of ground pork and peanut served with curly endive (#3 on the menu).

# I went back on a weekday lunchtime to try the crispy pancake. Strangely, it seems that part of their conditions of operation is that they can’t sell takeaway until after the cafe in the same building has ceased trading. I.e after 5pm. Also, there was no crispy pancake available. I am starting to have doubts as to its existence.

Yok Yor Thai Food Factory
Shop G06 45 Campbell Street Haymarket
Sun – Thu: 1100-0100
Fri – Sat: 1100 – 0200
Takeaway available after 5pm


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