Bountiful Harvest

Bountiful Harvest by A Sydney Foodie
Bountiful Harvest, a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

Look at this! I took 2kg of guavas to work yesterday to give away, and when I got home there was another kilo waiting for me. Then yet another kilo thumped off the tree overnight!
*happy dance*
I didn’t have a harvest at all last year because I had a terrible infestation of scale, and the bats (flying foxes) were fighting over the fruit every night. So none left for me. This year though, I have way too much.
Charmaine says: “In the middle of the ball (of quite hard seeds) is the sweetest, softest pulp found in the guava, very smooth compared to the slightly granular texture of the flesh outside the seeds.” She’s right!
I’m going to have to make jam over the weekend, because I expect another 4kg by Monday!?!?
Oh my. Every time I turn my back, another one bites the dust.


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  1. Aha – now see why you have so much guava. I was reading about guava paste – looks very similar to quince paste and is used the same way – you could try making some:


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