Jasmin Restaurant, Lakemba

A colleague had told me about El Jannah, and the tip had paid off. He had also told me about Jasmin Restaurant Lakemba as being one of his favourite places to go. The kids were about to visit, and more mouths means you can try more dishes, so I made a booking.
Except in a brain freeze moment, I had Jasmin Bankstown in my head.
After a shuffling of bookings, we fronted up at Jasmin restaurant Lakemba at 830pm and worked out why we didn’t need to book: there were three tables free and we were in the last stages of service!
So we got a mixed plate which contained hummus, babaganoush, two felafel, one thing like a felafel but with meat inside. There was the complimentary plate of pickles and basket of bread including chilli pickles which were quite bitter, and segments of raw onion. Whoa. A plate of felafel went down very well, and very quickly! They were football shaped, crispy on the outside, delicate on the inside with little flecks of green from the split peas I think. This and the tabouli were favourites around the table. During our initial order, when we also asked the waiter if he thought we had enough food for four; he recommended that we also try the plate of lamb shish kebab. The meat itself was quite fatty, but provided a nice change from the other flavours.
It was a lot of fun assembling your own little wrap with lashings of toum, tabouli and chilli sauce. I was surprised how filling felafel can be! With a bottle of Pampa tamarind drink each, and one coconut pudding (Muhallibia) to go, the bill was approximately $12.50 per person. The Muhallibia looked quite solid, but was very light in texture.
Afterwards, we wanted to try the sweets at Patisserie Arja but they were already shut for the night!
I worked out later how I had confused restaurants. I had overheard a radio station doing an outside broadcast from Lakemba Mosque. As part of this OB, the chef of Jasmin Bankstown had done a bit if a promo and cooked up some dishes live on air. The secret behind the light and fluffy interior, and crunchy exterior of each felafel us to cook it fresh everyday! Talk about subliminal messaging.

Jasmin Restaurant
30b Haldon Street, Lakemba
Telephone 02 9740 3589
Open 0830-2130, every day.


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