Bruschetteria 102, Surry Hills (Closed)

I spotted this place several times whilst driving up the hill from central station to Surry Hills, and was intrigued.

This is a collaboration between Bruscheteria 102 and Arteflo design. You can try the furniture before you buy, because it is the cafe furniture you are sitting on.

The menu is simple, primarily bruschetta and panani with a few blackboard specials at lunchtime. There is a 5kg jar of Nutella on the counter, it is bigger than my head. On the wall is the slogan: “what would life be like without Nutella?”, and so there is on offer both coffee and hot chocolate with Nutella. Do they really make it with Nutella? Wouldn’t the cup end up greasy with all that hydrogenated fat?

I decided to test out the ‘simple ingredients are best’ theory, and ordered the margherita bruschetta and despite some reservations, a coffee with Nutella.

Nutella coffee @ Bruschetteria102

The coffee comes quickly: it is patterned with Nutella flavoured swirl, and in the base of the cup are dregs of nutty chocolate. It doesn’t seem greasy at all, although surely there is some thinning of Nutella for the garnish.

The bruschetta arrives on a wooden platter, two slices with a simple salad in the middle. The tomato paste used on the bruschetta seems to be quite thick and plain, dotted with slices of melted bocconcini and basil. I can’t detect any garlic. It’s not *quite* what I’m after – the margherita pizza from The Rose (pub) in Chippendale (*drool*), but it isn’t too bad. The bill all up is $17.50.

Note: Bruschetteria 102 closed in about June 2015.

Bruschetteria 102
Shop 1&2, 102 Albion Street (near Riley Street)
Surry Hills NSW
Ph: 02 9281 3653
0700 – 1600, Tuesday – Sunday
Dinner 1800 – 2200, Thursday – Saturday


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Johnny on December 13, 2011 at 07:53

    Margherita with garlic???
    Margherita is tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil… that’s it
    My favorite bruschetta there!
    Have a go with their home made pasta, it’s just pure orgasm!


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