Snakebean Asian Diner, Darlinghurst (Closed)

I was heading to Zambrero ‘fresh Mexican’ fast food takeaway on Oxford St, when I wandered past Snakebean and noted that they were closing on 21 April. I vaguely remember that this place got some good reviews, so I popped in to see what I would soon be missing out on.
What immediately jumped out at me was the banana flower salad ($12.50), and the crispy chicken with crunchy mango salad.
I hadn’t seen banana flower salad before, so I got it. It reminded me of a green papaya salad for beginners: quite sweet, a little bit sour, but not really very hot. There were crunchy bits of deep-fried shallots, strings of what seemed to be already cooked banana blossom, and four little prawns. A little mound of freshly grated fresh coconut capped off the spectacle. The marinade seems to have softened the mint: although there was a lot of mint, you could hardly taste it.
The massaman curry ($15.90) was quite sweet as well and mild on the spice. The flakey texture of the meat reminded me of a wonderful beef rendang I had a few years ago.
Unfortunately, I didn’t know about the sago pudding at the time … But hey, there are a few more days left!

Note: Closed 21 April 2011.

Snakebean Asian Diner
95 Oxford St, Darlinghurst.
Open until 21 April 2011


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