Izote Mexican Restaurant, Newtown

I came here at least three years ago as part of a group when Izote Mexican had just opened. I remember that time we were advised to order quickly, because another large party was booked at 8pm, and it would be better if we got our orders in before the rush. I know we tried a lot of dishes then, including tamales ($11.90), the guacamole and queseidillas. I think the owners are from Colombia.

Everything was very fresh and delicious. I look back at that dining experience with fondness.
This time, rocking up on a Wednesday night, I can easily get a table, although the longevity of this restaurant shows its popularity with the locals, as it is in the quiet part of King Street.

I order chilli verde – fried cubes of pork with a spicy green chilli sauce ($19.50). I remember this dish being a fave on my last visit too.

The serving is huge, and turns up in 10 minutes. There is a half bowl of red tomato rice, a green salad dressed in a lemony vinegarette, a small amount of salsa (understandable – I think tomatoes were very expensive this week), guacamole, some pickled jalepenos, four tortillas and of course, the bowl of chilli verde with a streak of coriander green sauce around the edge. The chilli verde has chunky, meaty bits of pork that just fall to bits when you poke it with the fork. Everything was delicious, and there was enough variety in the flavours to keep me going.

My only complaint at the time is that the tortillas don’t come served in the plastic tortilla-keep-warm thing, so by the time I made it to my fourth one, it was dry and cold.

I also got a bit overwhelmed near the end of the dish by the salty flavour of the chilli verde, so much so that I had to stop eating. Anyway I had a few pieces of pork left over for my lunch the next day.

What is more concerning though is that after I went home and I’ll tried to go to sleep, I kept waking up with what I have to say was a MSG thirst. Disappointing! It was so delicious that I don’t think MSG was necessary, or maybe it was too salty, but my body didn’t realise until much later.

Corkage is $3pp, and there is a minimum order of $20pp stated on the menu, however I wasn’t charged an extra 5c for my dish. I stuck that in the tip jar just in case.

I am in two minds. I really want to go back and try some other dishes, but am wary of the possible MSG consequences. I also want to support a Mexican food place that isn’t all Tex-Mex flavours, and has that freshness I miss from the cheap Nexican places in California.

Izote Mexican
6 King street, Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 9651
From 530pm, Tuesday – Sunday.


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