Shalom Indonesian Restaurant, Haymarket

I had spotted this place whilst lurking near Three Mama Chefs Thai, and stocking up on custard tarts from Ho’s Dim Sum shop. Why? Because they offered freshly cooked Murtabak, a dish I has tried at Mamak, but didn’t want to queue up for.

Here, there are two kinds: savoury with beef, onion, spring onion, egg and spices ($12); and sweet – with chocolate, nuts or banana.

After some confusion with the ordering – turns out more people order the sweet rather than savoury (Murtabak manis), I placed my order and then waited.

And waited.

I guess they had to cook up the filling first, and then placed it into the wrapper, and then deep fry that.

It was served simply, with a fresh chilli and cucumber salad. The dressing involving some sesame seed oil which made it quite moreish.

The murtabak itself was unexpected. The outside wrapper looked nothing like the picture, and was more like spring roll pastry. I remember thinking at Mamak that the pastry was soft, like roti. The filling was quite nice with the mellowed onion and fresher spring onion. I could almost finish this dish, but not quite.

I’ll be back to try the beef rendang, and perhaps some ox tail soup.

Shalom Indonesian Restaurant
421 Pitt street Sydney
1130-2145 mon-sat
1230-2145 Sunday
Branches also at 299 Sussex St, Sydney and Broadway, although I don’t think they don’t all offer Murtabak.


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