Recipe: Warm goat cheese salad

My friend H told me about this salad as we were browsing the Hawksbury Harvest markets at Castle Hill. She got super duper excited when she saw that Willowbrae Goats cheesestock “st albans”, a two week ripened white rind cheese similar to a Brie.

The story goes that it was her first night in Belgium for her first trip to Europe and they ordered this salad which was so delicious, it had her swooning all over her plate and all over her husband. He made her promise that if she saw that cheese for sale, she would have to make the salad.

I was a bit dubious, since I’m not particularly a fan of fruit in a savoury salad, but since I had a wedge of rapidly diminishing st albans cheese, I gave it a go.

Warm goat cheese salad

Pan fry 4 slice slices of goats cheese just to the point of softening
Put in a ramiken and place in the middle of a plate

On the plate, drizzle honey and olive oil
Plate fancy lettuce leaves* sparsely
Thin slices of apple^
Grated carrot~
Tomato wedges

Eat the goats cheese with the salad.

Doesn’t it look pretty?

It was, to my surprise, *fantastic*. Pan frying the cheese mellowed the chalky flavour that it had developed, and crunched up nicely the cut surface of the cheese. I only had two chunky slices left, so I also used some Danish fetta. The cheese helped balance the sweetness of the honey. It’s important to have only minimal ingredients on the plate, that way everything gets to touch a little of the dressing.
* for my fancy lettuce leaves I used Darling Mills “saltini” micro salad mix. This worked very well and added some lovely colour to the plate.
^I used 1/4 gala apple, scattered haphazardly.
~ for the carrot, I had 1/2 small carrot grated with a potato peeler.
I also used heirloom cherry tomatoes, picked fresh from my garden.
I did not have any raisins. To add them would’ve been strange and I don’t think the salad needed them.

This would serve one person as an entree or side salad. Delicious, and I’ll be making it again!


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  1. […] the sweet, salty and zest flavours, and totally ignored the sour! The dressing reminds me a lot of panfried goats cheese salad, also obtained from H. Not surprising since there is honey in both! GA_googleAddAttr(“AdOpt”, […]


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