NSW Votes 2011

NSW Votes 2011 by A Sydney Foodie
NSW Votes 2011 a photo by A Sydney Foodie on Flickr.

So. If you don’t live in the state of New South Wales you probably don’t know that there is a state election looming on 26 March 2011.The current incumbent Labor party has been in power for about 16 years. There is a feeling within the electorate that the Labor party will be decimated. This may be due in part to the campaigning of Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Terror.

It almost feels as though the opposition Liberal party doesn’t even need to bother campaigning. As though, as long as the Libs keep their mouth shut, and their feet out of it, they are a shoo-in. I don’t think that they have even announced any real policies.

In any case my observation of the current NSW state election campaign is that the Labor party candidates are doing anything they can to distance themselves from “team Labor”. This may involve doctoring the election campaign posters to look bright orange like a “power to the people”, hiding the word ‘Labor’ in the smallest two point font possible, or even dressing your campaign in green and yellow to fool newly minted voters into thinking you’re from The Greens.

On the other hand, the Libs have all been carefully “branded”, and are most definitely of the “liberal brand”. The candidate’s first name is green, their last name in blue and bolded, and the liberal party logo is down in the bottom right hand corner*.

Even The Greens are at it. They have the scent of victory in their nostrils and are hoping to wrestle the inner city seats of Sydney and Marrickville away from Labor, and obtain their first lower house seats. They have shifted away from their stalwart “vote 1 green”, which can be used in any election, at any level (recyclable!); to more colourful posters with the candidates. They’ve taken the step of using big roadside posters along major arterial roads in those two seats to try and convince the voting public to change their habits, and vote them in. One in particular that I found amusing was on Parramatta road westbound near Tebutt street. It shows a concerned young Green standing in front of a powerline stating: “voting green is voting for investment in infrastructure.” Yes dear, I’ll hold you to that promise.

I have collated a few photos of varying campaign posters to demonstrate what I mean. It’s not an indication of how I vote, just the posters that I could happy snap on my travels.

* I note today that I have been mistaken and I have now found a Liberal candidate not sticking to the script. Her name is Kristy Lloyd, standing for election in the seat of Toongabbie. Her posters are the same black and yellow as those of opponent’s Nathan Rees (toppled-premier) which state: “I’m standing by Nathan Rees”.
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