Sura Ramen, Ton Ton Noodle Takeaway

Once again, I’m eating ramen. I have *got* to get out more.

I really wanted a sharp Kaiso salad from sushisuma. However, I was in town and didn’t feel like traveling too far afield.

I had a look at Shalom Indonesian restaurant – I’m convinced that the branch on Pitt Street Chinatown offered Murtabak, but the shop on Sussex Street appeared to offer ordinary indo fare and it didn’t appeal, not tonight.

So I ended up back at Ton Ton noodle takeaway in Regent Place.

Sura ramen is described as: “a sweet and sour ramen with chilli oil”, and upon presentation it was quite gelatinous. It had a similar texture to Chinese shark fin soup.

As I ate, the sour hot broth became thicker, like the noodles were secreting wheat into the broth. It was very moreish, with sliced spring onions, wood ear fungus, soft silken tofu and one or two pieces of sliced pork or bacon. However, by the end of the dish I had gotten sick of the samey sour taste, and I had to leave the last few mouthfuls behind.

Ton Ton Noodle Takeaway Regent
Ground Floor
501 George St (lumiere building, corner Bathurst St)
Sydney 2000
Ph: 02 9267 1313
Fax: 02 9267 9995
1130 – 2200, everyday


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