Reverb10 – 26 December – Soul Food

December 26 – Soul Food

What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul? (Author: Elise Marie Collins)

This took me ages to think of. I’ve eaten out a bit in 2010, and even went to Marque for a celebratory event. the food there was yummy, different and interesting, and I though I ought to write about that.

But I’m not sure that that was the one that touched my soul.

We were in the town of Yilan, along the west coast of Taiwan. There was a night market underneath a main road (Jiu Cheng road overpass) and I was happy wandering past the stalls, pointing out random things to eat. There was fresh ready diced fruit, bubble pearl teas, dumplings, noodles. I was in heaven! Then I eye-spyed a stall down the end with a queue of at least 5 people, near the intersection of Yi Xing Road Section 1 and the Jiu Cheng road overpass. Shallot pancakes. Oh yeah!

I joined the queue and ordered the cheaper 20NT one by pointing. This got me a plain deep fried one, and you brushed on your own chilli sauce / pepper combination on before it got bagged and handed to you. I swooned. It was so delicious – crispy and crunchy and wonderfully moreish. I think my eyes rolled backed in my head it was so yummy.

I went back the next night and tried the more popular version with egg, which was only 5NT more. It was good, but the addition of the egg seemed to have generated steam which made this crispy delicacy soggy. 😦 Definitely get the plain pancake.

Shallot pancake with egg

Originally uploaded by A Sydney Foodie

I found that The Yilan Guy blog gives a good rundown of the yilan night markets here, although I wished I had read the post before I went.

Hello Kitty Shallot pancakes
Yilan night markets
Intersection of Yi Xing Road Section 1 and the Jiu Cheng road overpass. (eastern side of train line).
Yilan, Taiwan


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