Taste of Shanghai, World Square

My mum prefers to go to Taste of Shanghai when in Ashfield, rather than New Shanghai. So when I spotted the branch in World Square, I had to try it!

The menu is a big picturebook menu. One of the dishes of choice seems to be the garlic and chilli deep fried chicken, served in a cute bamboo basket. Like KFC chicken bites for grownups. The place was buzzing at lunchtime, and I shared my main table with three other groups.

In the end, I grabbed the noodle soup with pork belly, and a steamer of 8 xiao long bao; that is, the pork dumplings filled with a splash of hot soup.
From ordering to having the dishes plonked down in front of me took 15 minutes. The Xiao Long Bao were delicious! I didn’t count to see it the pastry had the requisite “18 folds” that DTF claim is their measure of quality. All I know is that the flavour was good and the pastry delicate, and I am getting a DTF-like product for less of a wait and less money. Score!

The noodle soup was quite a plain broth, with a few spring onions floating on the surface. I think the idea was with all of these soups was that you added your meat flavouring to the soup, because the pork belly was served to the side. This happened to some of my neighbours dishes. I didn’t realise this, and I didn’t want to drink the broth, so I ended up fishing vegies and noodles out into a smaller bowl and eating that.

The total bill was $20, tea was complimentary.
I’ll be back to taste the crab roe and pork dumplings as well as that chilli garlic chicken. I’m not sure what the queue is like at night time, but surely it is better than DTF upstairs! Recommended.

Taste of Shanghai, World Square
Shop 9.07, Lower Ground Floor
World Square Shopping Centre
Enter off Pitt and Liverpool Streets, Sydney.
(02) 9261-8832
M-F: 10am – late


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