Clovelly Bakery

Clovelly Bakery

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I am now obliged to take my food safari days most seriously, like clockwork, so for the most recent one I made a plan.
– defrost freezer
– bake cake
– visit Ryo’s Noodles
– visit Victoria’s basement (looking for a replacement rubber seal for my stovetop coffee maker)
– visit Sonoma Bakery to stock up on soylin
– visit Dymocks bookshop, which had in stock copies of “M is for Metal”
– visit Bourke Street Bakery to get more of that delicious peach galette pastry
– try Peter’s of Kensington, again for that rubber seal
– grab some geocaches
– go to beach, because it was the start of a stinking hot week!

So I didn’t make it to the bookshop, but I managed to complete most of the tasks on my list! I even made it to Clovelly Bakery, which I remember reading about in a smh good living many moons ago just as it had opened.
There were a few loaves of differing sourdough remaining, so I chose this one: multigrain sourdough. It seems to be made in a loaf tin and have some quantity of white flour in it. The texture, when toasted seemed to be lacking that distinctive chewiness, and remained quite soft. I think that I have been spoiled by my addiction to Sonoma, that this loaf wasn’t quite what I was looking for.
I achieved so many things on my last food safari day that I don’t know how I’m going to better it!

Clovelly Bakery
305 Clovelly Road (near Arden St)
Clovelly NSW 2031
(02) 9665 4448
Open 6am to 6pm everyday.


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