Sydney Spring Cycle

Sydney Spring Cycle

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I got coerced into the Sydney Spring Cycle by some colleagues who figured I would do anything for a free t-shirt and waterbottle. Not quite, but faced with a choice of running up and down sand dunes as an extra-curricular to my boot camp sessions, or riding 50km, I chose the bike ride.

It was fun riding over two lanes of the Harbour Bridge, and the approach to the old Glebe Island Bridge.

It was not fun doing endless loop the loops around Homebush and Silverwater just to make the route 55km worth. That was boring. Also not fun were the rude cyclists who thought overtaking in-between two people having a conversation was polite, or the adults telling their children what gear to use when, or even the small children, trying to ride the wrong side of a two direction bike path, not learning when he was reprimanded by those going the other way, and his parental unit doing nothing about it.

I may sound a bit of a grumpy guts, but basic roads manners count here, and just because a cycling event is on doesn’t give you the right to run roughshod over pedestrians. I think that these new you-beaut separate cycleways that sydney city council have installed have taught casual cyclists how to NOT overtake, and bad road manners. It has also meant the drivers have not learned how to drive with cyclists on the road.

So why am I bringing this up since it is way past spring and almost autumn? Well, the parramatta pedal is on this weekend, raising money for the Amy Gillett foundation. Note that Amy Gillett was killed whilst on a training ride in Germany in 2005, and that the foundation exists to promote a shared respect between drivers and cyclists. I was very reluctant to take part in this ride for the majority of reasons listed above.

However, I do hope everybody has a fun time on Sunday, and rides safely.


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