Bourke Street Baked Goodies

I didn’t realise that although Central Baking Depot is run by the same Bourke Street Bakery people, that their range of baked goods is different!

The range of fresh sandwiches includes ones with smoked trout, and celeriac.

The differing breads that I have spotted includes fig and barberry (tasty, but not when you have recently overdosed on La Tartine’s fruit loaf), raisin and fennel (the fennel gives a lovely savory taste to the sweetness of raisin), rye and bran.

This delicious pastry is a peach galette with cream and rhubarb compote, and is super utterly delicious when you’ve just completed 100 pushups and 100 sit-ups in a row. I wish I had bought several!


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  1. […] copies of “M is for Metal” – visit Bourke Street Bakery to get more of that delicious peach galette pastry – try Peter’s of Kensington, again for that rubber seal – grab some geocaches – go to beach, […]


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