Recipe: Fresh Asparagus Soup

Asparagus is in season!

I haven’t had much luck with growing my own asparagus, but it is in season from October to March. Apparently the prime stuff to get are the fat first growth spears, because they are full of flavour, rather than the skinnier variety that I thought was the younger more tender lot. The skinniness indicates that it might be the second growth, and less tasty.

Anyway, I had spotted a recipe in the Women’s health magazine for  asparagus soup, and I thought of it when I saw 3 bunches for $5. All I could remember was that it involved almond milk and whisking, but since I had lent my magazine to someone else, I ended up with the recipe at taste.

I used two bunches of asparagus (440grams), and reserved a few spears which were cooked at the last minute to add some fresh green colour. I would recommend cutting the woody tips of the spears “differently” (e.g. making them longer, or cooking whole spears), so that prior to blending, you can remove the woody stem so that the soup is less fibrous. That way you get the flavour, but not as much chewing.

I included two potatoes, chopped into small pieces to make it thicker.

I tried to make this again, keeping the spears whole during the flavouring/cooking process but it was a *pain* to then later chop floppy cooked whole asparagus so that it would blend nicely. The soup was much smoother and less fibrous than my earlier effort. Perhaps the trick is to cut into pieces as directed, but then tie up the woody ends in a small muslin bag so that they easily spotted and removed.

Tasty, and very easy to make. Recommended.


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