Reverb10 – 15 December – 5 minutes

Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine that you are about to lose your entire memory of 2010 in 5 minutes. Set your alarm for 5 minutes and write down all the things you want to capture from 2010.

I have spent way too long dithering on this one, so my five minutes are probably up. Here goes…

* discovering for ourselves six aboriginal art sites this year after a longish dry spell (dharug, wollemi, blue mountains areas). The biggest one I have referred to in reverb10 4 December
* being accepted into a development program at work after an application and interview process
* establishing the giant vegie patch out the back with the help of some good friends
* spotting my first eggplant, strawberry, zuccini, tomato and HAIRY EAR OF CORN, all fruits of my inattention
* having a lovely holiday on the coast with my family (except for my sister who had to work), eating seafood everyday YUM
* extended holiday in Taiwan exploring hot springs, local food delights, Taroko Gorge, and the wonders of beef noodle soup with the inlaws who thought up the fabulous idea of hiring a local guide for Taroko
* the sudden death of a friend, rockclimber and general scallywag who made shoot em up robots. We’ll miss you dinky dunk
* completing a night multi geocache
* getting into a routine of a ‘gourmet night’, trying to cook something different, more technical, or way out of my comfort zone
* hugs, kisses and happiness! Can’t get too much of those!


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