Reverb10 – 9 December – party

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, drink, clothes, shennanigans. (Author: Shauna Reid)

What? Shauna didn’t tell us she was contributing to the prompts!?!

I hosted a house warming and garden break in party. A condition of entry for small children was that they had to draw me a picture. There was shared food, a few plants as presents, and best of all I got free labour.
Pre-party shennanigans were had. I hired a marque, then the two us struggled to put it up until our neighbour stuck her head over the fence and offers her son to help. After making several trips to the garden store to purchase 25l bags of gravel, sand and soil; I finally did the maths and worked out that this would take me forever, and I would have to order in bulk. One panicked call to a local landscape supplier later, turns out they can deliver the morning of the party.
We managed to construct two giant planter boxes, and wheelbarrow them full of sandy soil mix. We planted three trees which had me dreaming of turning into a self sufficient fruitarian (unfortunately my black thumb and the winters frost meant I killed two of them, one of them twice – sorry guys).
The music was some generic radio station – I think triplej/alternative, the dress was casual, the friends were a great help. Food involved bbq/grill plate style and a multitude of salads and gluten free cakes. Drinks were either creaming soda (you can see I really wanted those pictures, can’t you?), or the local beers James squire, coopers pale or happy goblin.
It was heaps of fun, very laid back, and all over barr the washing up.


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