Reverb10 – 5 December – Make

Prompt: What is the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you would like to make but need to clear some time for it?

Define ‘thing’.

The most recent thing that I made, just prior to reading the prompt was “fish in crazy water”, baked Mediterranean or italian style fish, a recipe which I got from an old weekend magazine earlier in the year. I saw the recipe, and had to make it straight away, but that’ll be the subject of another post.
On my list of things to make:
A self sufficient self seeding low maintenance fruit and vegie garden with NO bindis. That way I don’t need to spend so much time weeding.
Make more dishes. I want to keep experimenting with cooking, trying different recipes and ingredients. I just bought an African cookbook from Vinnies, so here’s hoping.
Make creative. I have this vague idea that there is some kind of creative person inside me. So far it has been limited to making cards for birthdays and christmas, but I’m sure that there is more struggling to get out. I’d like to paint a bit more.
Make more time! How do I do that? Learn to say no more often, and organise better. Less distractions.


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