Reverb10 – 5 December – Let go

Prompt: what or whom have you let go this year?

In 2009 I stopped renting and bought a house. I didn’t realise how much work it would be, how much time I would need to spend doing stuff around the house, how much ‘me’ time I would lose, and how that person I really wanted to delegate all those annoying household chores to – like getting quotes from tradies, getting stuff fixed etc was supposed to be *me*.

I tried to cope. I found good local places to get coffee and food. I stock up on the good bread and cheese when I’m in town. On my days off, I go on food safaris, where all I do is eat all that food that I miss because it’s no longer my local. That’s quite a few brekkies, lunch, snacks and dinners in one day, people. I miss going out and not having to drive to get there. I’ve turned from a public transport cycling hippy to someone who drives tiny kms to get to the shops.

I’ve had to let go of my pretensions of being an inner city goddess, and it isn’t all it is cracked up to be.


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