Reverb10 – 3 december

Prompt: moment. Pick one moment when you felt the most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (sound, texture, smell etc)

I feel the most alive when I feel like I’m flying, I’ve thrown all caution to the wind, taken a chance and i have all those butterflies in my stomach. An adrenalin rush.
I presented a paper at a technical conference this year, I was dressed in a cute little work suit and heels that I only wear for interviews and things like this. I work in a male dominated industry where most of the females are in admin, PA, or secretarial work, so this was a big thing for me. I had my head buzzing and a slightly shakey voice as I gave my presentation, but I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get asked any questions at the end.
The second moment was when I found an amazing aboriginal art site with my partner. Usually these places feel a bit sad and unloved, like the spirits haven’t been called or ‘refreshed’ for many years. We were on top a windswept and rainy rock outcrop, we had found a significant site that we had been looking for for months, and it felt very special as the sun set.


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