Review: Lone Pine Tavern, Rooty Hill

I have been to the  Lone Pine Tavern (and Bistro) quite a few times, even before the Feros Group took over, remodelled it, and turned into a generic blonde pub with wood floors and fancy light fittings and noisy atmosphere. On Saturday nights, it’s quite a popular spot for the locals and their families.

The food is pretty good, but has alas suffered a price rise as a result of the new owners and the renovations. Unfortunately, the gourmet beer selection is lacking – no James Squires or Coopers, which really are the most mainstream offerings of the alternative beers. There is even XXXX on tap, but I think that particular tipple is only suited whilst sitting on the balcony of a Queenslander whilst baiting a crocodile for entertainment.

The Chicken Parmigiana

At $18, it is a bit expensive, but look at the size of the thing! Not only
that, it is delicious. With this dish, I have to share, otherwise I can only
finish the chicken and the salad.

The pizzas are good value , I was a fan of the Spanish prawn pizza (also $18), not so much of the chicken tandoori – mor because of the sameyness of tandoori than the actual pizza. I haven’t yet managed to finish one pizza in one sitting, however the kitchen is pretty good in supplying lengths of foil to wrap up your leftovers.

I have also tried the Moroccan Lamb with cous-cous, which was pretty tasty. But really, it was chargrilled lamb, with Morroccan-style cous cous. I wish there was a bit more of the very-liquid mint yoghurt sauce to finish up with.

The Seafood basket is all deep fried: doesn’t really float my boat, but has been popular on occasion with some of my friends, and the chicken casserole came with an amazing eight chicken drumsticks – one dish to share!

I would advise steering clear of the ‘thai’ salads. Unfortunately, tipping sweet chilli sauce over something does not make it “thai style”.

The Lone Pine offers good value and hearty gourmet pub fare, and is one of the better options in the Western sydney suburbs.

Lone Pine Tavern and Bistro
15 Rooty Hill Rd South Rooty Hill NSW 2766
Bistro hours 12-3pm lunch, 6-9pm dinner, 7 days
Phone (02) 9625-8475


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