Recipe: Orange and Chocolate Ganache tart with Lavender cream

I made a chocolate tart last night. I had visions of an almost solid chocolate tablet, with something sharp to break up the rich chocolate flavour.

Enter my friend google.

Based on as masterchef recipe of
chocolate ganache tart with lavender cream and raspberries.

I turned it into

Orange and Chocolate ganache tart with Lavender cream
Suitable for 26cm flan dish

250g 70% dark chocolate finely sliced/grated
Splash of orange oil

300g thickened cream
40g butter
Splash of orange oil (I use Boyajian)

160g cream
fresh lavender flowers

I used frozen puff pastry, although the pastry part of the recipe didn’t look too bad. This was blind baked, and then rested.

I grated chocolate until it melted all over my hand, and turned to cutting it with a serrated knife. Make sure the chocolate is all ready before…
Heat the cream until the butter melts, and then add the orange oil. Stir until blended.

The rest of the recipe I followed to direction (ish), except that I baulked at using 300mL thickened cream just to make it lavender flavoured, so I used 160g (ish) instead. I like cream, but not that much! Depending on the strength of your lavender flowers, I would use more than 1tsp (2 heads) per 160g for Spanish lavender

I stored the tart overnight at room temperature before serving the next afternoon. Just before serving, I topped the tart with cream. Surprisingly, the ganache had “set” – however considering the quantity of chocolate used, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

The feedback was that it tasted just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, but no one could pick up the lavender flavour in the cream, unless you had a bit of cream right next to a lavender bud. It was very rich – I could only eat a very skinny slice!

I thought that I had two slices leftover for a later-day snack, but when I went to collect from them work fridge, my two slices had been reduced to one. This tart is definitely a hit!


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