A380 Sydney to Singapore

A380 SYD to Singapore

Originally uploaded by A Sydney Foodie

I hadn’t had the chance to fly on the airbus A380 when it lauched more than a year ago, so I was excited when I found out that I’d have a go for this trip to Singapore.
I’d looked up the preferred seats on seatguru, but since I couldn’t work out how to check in early, it didn’t really matter – all the economy top deck seats were gone. Most economy seats along the sides were in sets of three, the middle is sets of four. Every now and then the middle rows had one aisle seat missing, so obviously the one behind was much coveted!
Singapore airlines service was still as good as ever. You could even get a Singapore sling on the plane, which smelled pretty acrid. I noted that this was available as a premixed bottle on the duty free shopping list.
The lunchtime flight offered either: chicken with lyonnaise potatoes or beef rendang. I got the latter, and it was very tasty! Dessert was tiramisu icecream.
The blockbuster movies were a wash, but we arrived in Singapore in time for dinner …


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