Review: La Piadina, Bondi

NQN reviewed La Piadina earlier, which is what put me on to this place. Having finished my business up the road, I wandered over late on a Wednesday, the worst bit was having to find a legal parking place.

I have heard of piadina before, having sampled it at Piadina Slow Food, Melbourne many moons ago. That time, we had rocked up at 1345, just after the lunchtime rush, and *all* the slow cooked food was gone. The chef offered to cook us a Piadina instead. There, the piadina is cooked in a small cast iron pan, and rich with fillings. Very delicious, and about the same price, albeit a few years ago.

Anyway, we were talking about La Piadina, weren’t we?

The place was pretty buzzy and had a friendly atmosphere. There were cartoons projected on the rangehood, and a great funky blues music playing. The piadina bread was cooked on the flat oven plate underneath the rangehood, as well as the freshly sliced meats before the piadina was assembled on its wooden serving board and presented for my consumption.

I got # 5 (the spicy Spanish sausage or cured ham), and #10 (eggplant, mushroom and cherry tomato). Both were delicious, and #5 was indeed hot – I peeked inside and spotted chilli seeds. The mushroom one was swoony with the mushroom fragrance and quite tasty. I had the remainder reheated for breakfast.

No. 5 had a white gooey cheese which was quite plain in taste. Not mozzarella, not bocconcini, something else.

It would be a good type of thing to share amongst people. I know that there is quite a bit of labour involved – they make their own dough – a bit like pizza dough but with lard, according to this article. Wow, have piadina’s been that common in Melbourne since 2006?

You pay $15 for No. 5, then you get a flat piadina, half the size of a leb bread, and you think: is that it?

I guess that they’re sort of justified in charging that price, but when you look at it, really, you think that these things should’ve been in the order of $5-8 apiece for the size, not $13-15. They had their own GIANT meat slicer on the premises though, so they’re slicing the hams etc themselves.

It was nice, I ate 1 ¾ piadinas, but at $27 for dinner, that is one of the more expensive of my food safaris. Don’t know if I’ll be doing it again. I guess it is one of those things that inspires you about what to put in your sandwich, or perhaps how to serve party snacks (and would be very easy to do on your own if you have a sandwich press).


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  1. MMm I miss piadinas! I think they’re a good size for me but hubby thought that he would do better with 2 (or 3) 🙂


  2. Posted by Anon on September 16, 2010 at 06:04

    But it’s the same labour as a pizza, and these are abotu 22 in sydney eg at pizza mario. It’ll always depend on quality of products, and you can make the same argument for pizza – you can go and eat a $10 pizza at Franks in Camperdown, or pay $18 – $25 at any established place in Sydney.


    • @Lorraine, I suppose I’m just a greedy guts, and one piadina didn’t quite satisfy. Also, because it was so yummy, I wanted more of that taste!
      @anon. I guess the thing that irks me is that I’ve made pizza, from scratch, and I know how cheap and easy to make pizza is with quality ingredients. In any case, I’ve experienced la piadina once and that was fun, but I’ll wait till I have a biggish group before I go again.


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