Review: Shimbashi and JuGeMu Restaurant, Neutral Bay

Browsing through a three year old copy of Good Living, I happened upon a review of Ju Ge Mu and Shibashi restauarant in Neutral Bay. Oh yeah, since I’m in the area, why not go and visit? Ju Ge Mu is for snacking and teppanyaki-style, Shimbashi is for the noodles. There is a common bar and cashier area, but you can order dishes from either menu (not teppanyaki, obviously)

On a Wednesday night, I was seated straight away in the Shimbashi section. I was tempted by the winter special of buckwheat duck dumplings in a hotpot (Karo hotpot), however, I decided to keep with the recommendation in the article, and go for the Karo Nan – soba noodles in a smoked mackerel broth (sababushi) with duck ($19), and an entree size of sashimi.

I was really on a noodle bent! It must be winter, and craving carbs: I had had udon noodles for lunch that day, and noodles for dinner the night before.

Despite being on a major arterial road, the restaurant was quiet and subdued. There was a section for westerners to sit on chairs, and also a lowered section, so that those who can, kneel, and those who can’t, sat with their feet in a ‘well’, with the table at coffee table height.

Shimbashi - Karo nan

Karo Nan

The sashimi was served quickly, artistically with a beetroot curl, perilla leaf and a shaved cucumber peak on glass leaf plate. I was swooning and in love. The fish was firm and so fresh and delicious, I couldn’t stop eating, and yet I wanted to prolong the pleasure. The soy sauce was served in a little pot that was already sitting on the table. Tuna, salmon, kingfish, and I think, kingfish belly.

Once completed, my dish was whisked away, and my main course was served. four fat chunky slices of smoked duck, four chunky pieces of spring onion. The noodles were really nice and al dente with a slight fight-back from the noodle when you bit into it. The broth was sweet and smoky. However, I did find that towards the end I found it a bit too sweet and one dimensional.

What was fabulous about this place was that for not much more than what I had paid for an ordinary udon lunchbox, I had got a really tasty beautiful handmade soba dish.

JuGeMu and Shimbashi
246 Military Rd
Neutral Bay 2089 NSW
Tue-Sunday 12noon – 2pm. 6 – 10pm.
Ph: (02) 9904 3011


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