Review: Spicy Sichuan Restaurant, Glebe

There seems to have been a resurgence in this part of Glebe recently, with the Glebe Noodle House, and two Chinese restaurants opening up, a frozen yoghurt bar as well as a new Gelato place next door to Badde Manors. The site on the other side of the road underneath the University Hall (currently: Illuminati), has also suffered from being at the Parramatta road end of Glebe Point Road, and the quiet side of the strip.

So the time has come, the walrus said, for me to try another Sichuan restaurant.
Sichuan cuisine is a Chinese cuisine well known for liberal use of chillies – dried, pickled and fresh. Some are for flavouring, and some are for the actual eating. A few years ago, we went to a Sichuan restaurant in Dixon Street Chinatown (Yin Li), and then last year, supposedly to a Sichuan restaurant in Berkeley, which I have blogged about before.
Spicy Sichuan Restaurant is located in a building that used to house an English language college, which would explain the odd mix of flooring – part laminate, part tiles.
Very popular with what appears to be young Chinese students from Sydney Uni, and at 730pm on a Friday night, the place was packed out with approximately 90% Chinese, and a 20 minute wait on the tables.
The waitstaff are all dressed in baggy silky tops, and the décor is very geared towards an old den, with wood panelling concealing the ducted air conditioning. The chairs are quite uncomfortable, and hard to manoeuvre.
We chose a dried mushroom with pork shreds and Vegetables (approx $22):
This was very light on with the pork and the vegetables, and mostly “dried mushrooms”, which were fibrous and quite chewy. I wonder if this was really a kind of seaweed thought, although it did have a texture similar to dried pak choi, which is often used in Chinese Soups. The dish was rated one chilli, not very spicy, served in a mini wok, but quite oily near the bottom.
A but expensive, but worth it, almost 20 prawns and capsicum, stir fried in a Cantonese style with a bit of cornflour. This was good to eat, and worthwhile getting again.
This place is a bit on the expensive side, the bill was $60 for two, including a $2 tea charge per head, and a rice charge ($2) per head. The rice canister/thermos was only half full, and the rice itself was quite dry in texture. Towards the end of the meal, I started getting the dreaded msg-thirst, which didn’t dissipate until two hours and several bottles of water later.
If I try this place again next time I would fork out and try the Sichuan salt and pepper calamari at $28. I would also specifically ask for no msg to be added.
Afterwards, I refreshed my palate with a scoop of rum & raisin gelato from Grand Gelato ($3.90 for 1 scoop).
Spicy Sichuan Restaurant.
1-9 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Open till 930pm Sunday – Thursday.
Open till 10pm Friday – Saturday.
(02) 9660 8200

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