A visit to Eveleigh Farmers Markets

Far Out, Brussel Sprout!

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A gig on the Friday night* meant that I was in town on Saturday morning, and had the chance to visit some good markets. It took me ages to decide where to go: Orange Grove or Eveleigh? Finally, I decided on Eveleigh markets, and arrived there around 11am.

There was such a wonderful *buzz* going on, and many shoppers walking up and down with their reusable bags, nanna trolleys, and their dogs on a leash. I have been before, but what struck me this time was the mingling smells of coffee, fresh food, and bacon and egg rolls in the air – something that you don’t always get in an open-air market. I did my usual wander down one side, and back up the other before deciding what to buy. There were at least three organic fresh food stalls, Darling Mills farm, Willowbrae chevre, Sweetness the patisserie, and three bread stands. I was amazed! Last time I came, the bakers were on a rotating weekly schedule, so that they wouldn’t be in competition with each other.

So, my purchase were:

– Bread from La Tartine. Surprisingly there were still three loaves of their amazing fruit bread left, so I snaffled one, as well as a walnut sourdough. Everyone else was buying their baguettes.

– Mixed olives from Darling Mills Farm. My favourite olive, with big meaty green ones, little cornichorns, tiny ones, and the usual kalamata. A friend told me that they’ve been buying 1kg tubs of kalamatas from the greengrocer, and then reusing the leftover Darling Mills olive marinating oil to flavour them. What a great idea!

– Fresh Kurrajong Cream (Unsalted goats curd), and fresh curd (salted) from Willowbrae Chevre. My favourite!!
– Kipfler potatoes, parsnips, brocolli sprouts and leeks from Block 11 Organics

One of the organic stands had their brussel sprouts displayed as they grown on the stem. How neat!

I even spotted Kylie Kwong, manning the Billy Kwong stand. She also featured on the front page of the herald this morning – perhaps something to do with the Masterchef TV series final tomorrow night?

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market
Corner Shepherd and Wilson Streets, Darlington/Redfern.
Saturdays 8am – 1pm

*Sally Seltmann @ the Oxford Art Factory. Fabulous Gig. Great intimate space.


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