Review: El Jannah, Granville

El Jannah – the food

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Weekday lunchtime, I head off for a long lunch at El Jannah. The place is buzzing, with the majority of trade for takeaway.

A colleague told me about this place, and I had been wanting to try it for ages. He recommended to get the chicken eat-in, for although it was a bit more expensive to do so, you got pickles, bread and a dish of garlic as well.

It is at least ten minutes wait to order, and after dithering between trying the hommus and the baba ganouj, I decide upon the latter. My colleague is right – a whole chicken is twice the price eat-in ($19.50 versus $10), but you get as much garlic dip (toum) as is required for the number of people eating (instead of a small sauce tub), same for the amount of bread. I also decide to try the tabbouli.

Oh boy, have I over-ordered or what? The extras of tabbouli and baba ganouj turn up within two minutes of ordering, followed by the pickles and bread, and finally chicken, divvied up by the number of people eating. Strangely, each person’s serve of bread is shrink wrapped in plastic.

The baba ganouj was lightly smokey, finished with a swirl of olive oil on top. Tabbouli was very fresh and lemony. The toum was oh-so-moreish, with either the bread or smeared onto the chicken. I couldn’t stop eating it! The chicken was charcoaly with a slight hint of lemon.

The pickles were a pink radish or turnip and a cucumber, cut into chunky strips. Very salty, but refreshing. Other tables were hardly making a dent in their pickles, oftening leaving most of the dish behind when they got up to leave.

I couldn’t stop eating! I made up my own chicken roll in the flat bread, all I was missing was the chilli sauce.

The final tally was $31 for two, with takeaway leftovers, and it would definitely serve 3-4 people for the price.

Wandering around Granville afterwards (or should that be waddling?), I was craving a concentrated turkish coffee, and popped into El Sweetie*, which looked like a contender to examine the wares. I ended up with a slice and 4 biscuits for $10. The slice had white “like marshmallow” topping,sprinkled with pistachios and a semolina crunchy base. The biscuits had pureed dates rolled in a shortbread like outer. Yummo!

El Jannah Charcoal Chicken
4-6 South Street (corner Railway Parade), Granville
10am – 11pm, daily.

El Sweetie
73-75 South Street, Granville
Sun-Thu 7am – midnight. Fri-Sat 7am – 1am.
(02)9760 2299

* I only found this review of El Sweetie when going through my stash of unread Good Livings, after I had already visited.

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  1. Posted by little miss food on November 24, 2010 at 08:51

    I went past El Sweetie last week and they are advertising a menu for diabetics! How would you do that when everything is covered in honey and sugar syrup?!! They are also advertising a gluten free menu – I wonder how many people would actually take them up on it and what they would have on it.


  2. Yeah, I noticed that in October. The diabetic baklava is about twice the price of the “normal” baklava. A quick search reveals the use of stevia or a sugar substitute syrup; but then a wheat free filo pastry? Hmm. More investigation needed!


  3. […] colleague had told me about El Jannah, and the tip had paid off. He had also told me about Jasmin Restaurant Lakemba as being one of his favourite places to go. […]


  4. […] sampled the Lebanese Charcoal Chicken at El Jannah, I had wanted to try Al Aseel to compare. Booked one month in advance, and the placed was buzzing […]


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