Review: The Mess Hall, Melbourne

I stumbled across The Mess Hall the last time I was in Melbourne, and I had breakfast there on a Saturday morning. That time, I found the staff a bit self-absorbed, and not very attentive. I ended up with the omelette of the day – which had tomato and prosciutto, plus a side of mushrooms. I love mushrooms, but the chef’s didn’t know (or notice) that my omelette also contained a rather salty prosciutto, so I got a very salty hit for breakfast, because the mushrooms had been cooked with salt as well.
Later on, I found that it was a favourite haunt of a friend, and that they ate there all the time.
This time: I had left it too late to run up to Babka Bakery in Brunswick Street, so I went to the Mess Hall instead.

The place was buzzing on a Friday morning, with regulars grabbing their doses of takeaway coffee, and quite a few sitting down to have breakfast. I had chosen lemon and ricotta pancakes ($9.50), plus a coffee. This time – what a change!

The staff were very friendly. It came as two large pancakes with berries and some stewed rhubarb on top, and the whole lot fizzed after I added the lemon juice. The quantity was just right, and the coffee was delicious.
Saturday morning – the closed sign was still up at 7.50am, a number 86 tram was passing, so I ended up running up to Babka after all.

The Mess Hall

51 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC
(03) 9654 6800
Mon-Thu 7.30am-8pm
Fri 7.30am-10pm
Sat 7.30am-10pm
Sun 7.30am-6pm


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